• Cylinder block
Cylinder head(s)
Rotor housings and their internal parts
Intake manifold
Exhaust manifold(s)
Timing gears
Timing chain(s) or belt(s), timing chain or belt tensioner(s), & timing chain or belt covers
Valve cover(s)
Flywheel or flexplate
Ring gear
Harmonic balancer
Oil pump
Water pump
Oil pan
Turbocharger/supercharger housing(s) + parts
Waste gate
Engine mounts
EGR valve
• Cylinder head, intake, & exhaust manifold gasket(s)
Rear main seal
Valve cover, oil pan, timing cover, & cam housing gasket(s)
• Transmission case transaxle case, transfer
case and their internal parts
Torque converter
Vacuum modulator
Cooler and metal cooler lines
Transmission mounts
Slave cylinder and master cylinder of a
manual transmission clutch assembly
Pan gasket
Output shaft, shifter, speedometer cable, front pump, & transfer case seals
• Final drive & axle housing(s) & internal parts
Axle shafts and bearings
Universal and constant velocity joints
Drive shaft(s)
Center bearings and drive shaft yokes
4WD engagement actuator/motor
Traction control linkage
Control processor and sensors
4x4 locking hub
Differential and axle gasket(s)
Pinion and axle seal(s)
CV joint boots

Upper and lower control arms and their shafts and bushings
Ball joints
Steering knuckles and spindles
Stabilizer and strut or track bars and their bushings and links
Coil Springs
Torsion bars and their mounts
Leaf springs & their shackles & bushings
Hub bearings or wheel bearings
McPherson struts
Hub or wheel bearing seals
• Steering gear housing
Rack assembly
Belt-driven pump and its reservoir and their internal parts
Steering column shaft and its couplings and bearings
Steering pump pulley & mounting
Pitman arm
Idler arm
Tie rods
Steering linkages
Pump shaft seal

• Master cylinder
Wheel cylinders
Calipers and their seals
Power booster
Combination valve
Backing plate assembly
Metal brake lines and fittings
Brake pedal
Parking brake assemblies
(No coverage for ABS brake parts)
Pulley and mounting bracket
Voltage regulator
Starter motor and its solenoid and drive
Wiper motors
Manually operated switches
Neutral safety switch
Backup light & brake light switches
Tire monitor sensor

• Belt-driven air conditioning compressor
Clutch and coil
Compressor mounting bracket
Idler pulley and bearing & its mounting bracket
Serpentine belt tensioner & its pulley & bearing
Expansion valve
Orifice tube
Heater control valve
Blower motor
Control cables
Plenum doors
Compressor seals and gaskets & line o-rings

Fuel pump
Fuel injectors
Injection pump
Distribution rails
Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel tank and metal fuel lines and fittings
Fuel level sending unit
Throttle body
Throttle cable
Throttle linkage
Accelerator pedal

Clutch and shroud
Radiator and its brackets and recovery tank
Electric fan motor

Things to bring at delivery...
        • Cash or check for any monies due
        • Registration/license plate
        • Proof of insurance
        • Driver's license
        • Any stipulations for financing
If you have a trade...
        • Title for trade
        • Two sets of keys
• Interior electronics
• Powertrain electronics
• Catalytic converter
• Spark plugs
• Paint/body
• Maintenance items
• Leaks or seeps
• Rental call
• Expense reimbursement